For those of you who have waited and wondered, I now have a title for the newest story, the fourth in the Letter Series. The Prague novel will be called “Ana’s Letter.”
That story’s writing is coming along . . . but slowly.
For me to continue producing the stories and books, I am having to spend some significant time on marketing and publicity. That, too, is moving forward. Don’t forget to tell everyone about Joe Shumock and the stories—your relatives, your friends, your neighbors and any strangers you may meet. Remember, I has literally sold the books everywhere from the rest stops on Interstate Highways to the Intimate Apparel department at JCPenny’s.

Also, as recently promised, new character blogs are on their way. The first will be a new installment on Rage Doyle and will be out next Tuesday, November 18th, 2014.
This one takes Doyle back to the year he joins the CIA, having completed his studies at Harvard University’s School of Law. The one previous installment to Doyle’s character blog relates information regarding the way he became known as The Author. It’s interesting. You might want to read it again.
That installment also mentions a young lady in Prague, Doyle’s first assignment with the CIA. You’ll learn more about her in future installments.
Postings for all the blogs will stack, meaning the newest one will be visible when you open the blog. The oldest will be at the bottom of the stack. Take a look, you’ll see what I mean.
In the coming days and weeks, all of the current character blogs will be updated. In addition to Rage Doyle, you will get new information on Cary Anne Warren, Landie Kato and Mike Webster. I will be posting notices regarding new blog information. You can also mark each one at it’s location on Silver Sage Media’s website to follow that particular blog, and you will be notified each time there is an update.
You will probably want to keep up as these are small independent stories giving you background on the characters. Some of the blogs like Cary’s and Landie’s will even connect, spreading the content between the two. Interesting, huh?
In addition to social media and Goodreads.com, the blogs are always to be found on their home website, www.SilverSageMedia.com.
Thanks everyone, for being loyal to the stories.

Good News!

Well, hello!
I have some information for you today.

I will be adding installments to this and the character blogs much more often than in the past. There will probably be a total of two or three additions each week spread among the several blogs.

In addition to telling you more about Joe Shumock, I will fill you in on Cary and Webster, both individually and as they interact with each other. Information has been posted for all of the characters in earlier blogs . We move on.

You will certainly want to know even more about the family histories of eighty-year-old Landie Kato and her late husband, Roberto. Do you recall that Roberto had a great grandmother (many times removed) that came from the north of France and settled in Nova Scotia in the 1600s?

Then there’s Landie. Remember? Her family originated in the bayous south of New Orleans.

So much more for us to learn.

Finally, there’s Raegene Dorryen Doyle—Rage Doyle. We know hardly anything about Rage except a little of his professional years. What about his background? It might be quite interesting to know about his youth.

As for the Joe Shumock blog, I have several subjects in mind. I want to tell you more about Prague and my visit there in April 2014. There was also a day-trip to a small 13th century town called Cesky Krumlov, complete with its castle. The castle even has a bear pit, complete with the bears, one of them as large as I’ve ever seen. I will cover much of that, too.

I will also include photos of Prague and other points of interest on the trip. I may even mention the loss of Rage’s luggage between Atlanta and Prague on the way over and again on the way home. “Rage” was aptly named for a short time in each direction. “Not happy” would be putting it too mildly!

So . . . the blogs will be upcoming in the short term—a few days at the most. Please keep in mind that the information in the character blogs regarding Cary, Webster, Landie and Rage is fictional, as are the characters. That being said, I do significant research to occasionally place my characters in real places and times. Now and then, I have them deal with real people and circumstances. Makes for more fun for you, the reader, and for Joe.

Keep an eye on Joe Shumock’s Twitter and Facebook pages. Announcements there and in other locations will inform readers and fans of the new blog installments and other information you may find of value and for your pleasure.

We are going to give some books away in time for Christmas, too. We might even think of some interesting ways of placing the books in your hand.

Oh, one other important thing. Thanks for reading the novels (stories) and for being fans of The Letter Series.

Moving on with your help!

As mentioned in the last installment on this blog, I am working on the fourth novel in The Letter Series. Unfortunately, I have had to take some time away from the writing. As you would guess, not only do I write the novels, but with the dedicated aid of Judy Ragan, I’m also required to find ways to make readers aware of them. Time away from the writing is devoted to publicity and marketing.
I need your help! The best aid to a writer is always a happy reader. If the feedback I get is authentic, and I have no doubt it is, you enjoy my efforts and look forward to each “next book.”
The favor I’m asking is to help me make your friends, neighbors, relatives and anyone you may meet on the street, aware of Joe Shumock, the author, and The Letter Series books. I am always giving out cards and I tell anyone who will listen that “I have literally sold my books everywhere, to include rest-stops on the Interstate highways to the Intimate Apparel department at J. C. Penney.” Don’t ask how that happened.
Now, this is where you come in.
I need to borrow $50,000. Kiddingg!!!
Seriously, for all of you who have read one or more of the novels, I need your reviews. If you would go to The Author’s Page at Amazon.com, Goodreads.com, LinkedIn.com and/or any other place that sells or mentions my books and do reviews and recommendations on each book you’ve read, it would help. You can even mention how much you liked them on your Facebook page. That would be a way to tell some of your friends. It’s OK to come on Facebook Joe Shumock and Facebook Joseph E. Shumock and share the good news, too.
I love writing the stories; there is nothing better. For a relatively new writer like me (three books out and a fourth in the process), to take a story from an idea to the finished book in the reader’s hands is quite expensive.

With your help we need to contact new readers, lots of them, and convince them to consider these books. Good reviews and recommendations with lots of stars are extremely important in persuading readers to take a chance on a new writer.
With your help, I’ll work hard to keep new stories in your hands for many years to come. You want to read, I want to write! Sounds like a good working arrangement.

Now back to the fourth novel. I am about 30 to 35 percent into the story. I would still like to have it available for Christmas 2014. Timing will be close, but I think it’s possible.
I have some other news for you, too, and a question.
Over the years I have written several small pieces. They are of varying subjects and there’s at least one short story. The short story is based on an actual happening, and the story is my imagination gone wild after being a witness to the actual incident (theft). For your information, it’s a fun (funny) story called Cup of Coffee and A Shootout.
If there’s enough interest, I am considering making the writings available at very nominal prices. These would, in all likelihood, be obtainable from the Silver Sage Media website. I’m still working on this, but the material would probably come to you in printable form, or you could enjoy them directly from the website on your computer or mobile devise.
If you might want a copy of one or more of these writings, send an email to Joe@SilverSageMedia.com. I will evaluate the responses and keep you informed about completing the project.

A Little About Joe

Some of you know a little about me. Others know a lot. Those, I consider to be the dangerous ones. (Kidding!).

Over time and in this blog, I will tell you a few things, and I will endeavor to answer questions when and if you have them. I’m basically like most of you in that I worked to retirement and then looked around for things to keep me busy for the next half of my life.

Fortunately, there was something I had dreamed of since childhood. I wanted to write a book (books actually—as in more than one). As you must know by now, the idea has worked out. Three Letter Series novels are in print, a fourth is in the process, and I have subjects and ideas for several more stories, both in and outside of the Letter Series. I doubt that I will run out of material anytime soon.

For those of you who don’t know, the locale for the new story is Prague, Capital of the Czech Republic in Central Europe. Why Prague? Doesn’t the city’s name itself cry out for a good medical suspense thriller novel? I thought it did, so I’m working to fill the need.

About that – An unexpected letter lands in Rage Doyle’s Post Office box at Coker Creek, Tennessee, and sends him packing for a long trip. The correspondence was postmarked in Prague. I probably shouldn’t tell you more . . . well . . . maybe one little thing. The letter is from a woman—a very special woman.

That’s it, my lips are sealed.


If you have questions or comments regarding the author, the books, characters or places and times, give me a shout. I take emails at Joe@SilverSageMedia.com.


A bit of information here — In this section of the website, you are finding blogs on some of the characters in my books. I have often read books myself and would have liked to know more about a particular individual in that story – background, etc. In writing I have found there are literary limits on how much you can tell unless the material takes the story forward. That is the reason for these character blogs. But, you should keep the following disclaimer in mind as you read this information. The information in these character blogs is fiction, like the stories – nothing more or less. In some situations, actual circumstances, places and individuals are used to tell a fictional story—again, nothing more.


DISCLAIMER: Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.