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Ana’s Letter

Joe Shumock’s Fourth Neo-Noir Novel – Coming Soon

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Letter From the Dark

Joe Shumock’s Third Neo-Noir Novel

A Letter From the Dark Book Cover

A young woman is missing. The Hunter has claimed another guest, this one is number eight. Serving a purpose only he understands, the victim is tested to her limits, both physically and emotionally.

Money has also disappeared… a sizable fortune. It appears to have vanished into that labyrinth of secret numbered accounts known as Offshore Banking. Only one individual appears capable of reclaiming the funds.

Then letters start to arrive… Can the kidnapping and the money be connected?

With few clues available, searchers are stymied at every turn. In the rush to locate the kidnapped woman, her friends take chances that could put their own lives in jeopardy.

Time is running out as the kidnapped woman makes a last ditch-effort to save herself.

The Lost Letter

Joe Shumock’s Second Neo-Noir Novel

The Lost Letter Book Cover

Though unconscious and critically injured, Mike Webster is alive – but he is being hunted. His enemies have reason to believe he survived a gunshot in New Orleans, and they are taking great risks to find him.

“I will cut his throat and spit in his face as he takes his last breath.” These words launch a pursuit that can only leave carnage in its wake. The individual charged with locating Webster is menacing and devoid of emotion. This cold obdurate killer now has the scent…

Recognizing his vulnerability, Webster prepares for the oncoming confrontation. He is gaining strength even as his enemies close in – but will he be ready in time?

There are other complications, too. Webster’s physician, Dr. Irene Dunn, experiences a deep attraction to the mysterious man in her care. His appearance and quick wit remind her of the one love of her life.

The enemy edges closer by the hour as Webster braces himself to face whatever may come – to kill or be killed.
Like a cornered animal, run to ground with nothing more to lose, it turns and mounts a vicious struggle for life. Webster steels himself.

He will not go gently…

A Letter to Die For

Joe Shumock’s First Neo-Noir Novel

A Letter to Die For Book Cover

Life is good for Cary Anne Warren – until she arranges a vacation for her adoptive parents. Now they are dead and she faces the future alone.

In New Orleans, the hunt for birth relatives turns up a mysterious hit-and-run cold case that occurred 25 years ago – was it an accident or a killing? Cary appears to be the only one who cares. Clues lead to the halls of government, and with politics involved, the young woman’s timing is crucial to unknown and powerful adversaries.

A male co-worker inexplicably offers to help in her quest. Cary is surprised at her attraction to this man and at the same time skeptical about his motives.

Even with his support, Cary questions her resolve as dark forces threaten to close down her search at every turn. Those who would stop her will use any means available, even murder.

But Cary’s enemies have not counted on her tenacity. With her unforeseen allies, she could potentially topple the local government and alter a race to the White House.

Ultimately, all her courage and persistence is needed to withstand the oncoming chaos that her investigation has unleashed.