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Moving on with your help!

As mentioned in the last installment on this blog, I am working on the fourth novel in The Letter Series. Unfortunately, I have had to take some time away from the writing. As you would guess, not only do I write the novels, but with the dedicated aid of Judy Ragan,...

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Landie’s Advice To Cary

Landie had prepared food in advance for the weekend, so there would more time for her and Cary to talk. When Cary arrived, a pot of coffee was waiting, along with a small platter of Landie’s famous Lemon Bars. The stage was set for a conversation along whatever lines...

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Finally, A Job!

On Monday morning, he began his search for a job. That task would not be easy, he quickly realized. A high school diploma did not qualify him for much. Combine that with his youth and inexperience, Webster realized employers would not come beating a path to his new...

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Landie’s History of the Bayous

Earlier in the week, Cary had called and asked if she could visit on the weekend. Landie’s young friend had sounded like she needed a confidant. Expecting there might be time during the visit, Landie went to the closet where she kept Roberto’s family journals and...

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A Little About Joe

Some of you know a little about me. Others know a lot. Those, I consider to be the dangerous ones. (Kidding!). Over time and in this blog, I will tell you a few things, and I will endeavor to answer questions when and if you have them. I’m basically like most of you...

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Rage Doyle, an anomaly

Having spent most of his life in covert operations of one type or another, Raegene Dorryen Doyle had never left himself open to speculation. The first twenty-seven years of his working life had been spent as an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency. For the last...

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