For those of you who have waited and wondered, I now have a title for the newest story, the fourth in the Letter Series. The Prague novel will be called “Ana’s Letter.”
That story’s writing is coming along . . . but slowly.
For me to continue producing the stories and books, I am having to spend some significant time on marketing and publicity. That, too, is moving forward. Don’t forget to tell everyone about Joe Shumock and the stories—your relatives, your friends, your neighbors and any strangers you may meet. Remember, I has literally sold the books everywhere from the rest stops on Interstate Highways to the Intimate Apparel department at JCPenny’s.

Also, as recently promised, new character blogs are on their way. The first will be a new installment on Rage Doyle and will be out next Tuesday, November 18th, 2014.
This one takes Doyle back to the year he joins the CIA, having completed his studies at Harvard University’s School of Law. The one previous installment to Doyle’s character blog relates information regarding the way he became known as The Author. It’s interesting. You might want to read it again.
That installment also mentions a young lady in Prague, Doyle’s first assignment with the CIA. You’ll learn more about her in future installments.
Postings for all the blogs will stack, meaning the newest one will be visible when you open the blog. The oldest will be at the bottom of the stack. Take a look, you’ll see what I mean.
In the coming days and weeks, all of the current character blogs will be updated. In addition to Rage Doyle, you will get new information on Cary Anne Warren, Landie Kato and Mike Webster. I will be posting notices regarding new blog information. You can also mark each one at it’s location on Silver Sage Media’s website to follow that particular blog, and you will be notified each time there is an update.
You will probably want to keep up as these are small independent stories giving you background on the characters. Some of the blogs like Cary’s and Landie’s will even connect, spreading the content between the two. Interesting, huh?
In addition to social media and Goodreads.com, the blogs are always to be found on their home website, www.SilverSageMedia.com.
Thanks everyone, for being loyal to the stories.