Moving on with your help!

As mentioned in the last installment on this blog, I am working on the fourth novel in The Letter Series. Unfortunately, I have had to take some time away from the writing. As you would guess, not only do I write the novels, but with the dedicated aid of Judy Ragan, I’m also required to find ways to make readers aware of them. Time away from the writing is devoted to publicity and marketing.
I need your help! The best aid to a writer is always a happy reader. If the feedback I get is authentic, and I have no doubt it is, you enjoy my efforts and look forward to each “next book.”
The favor I’m asking is to help me make your friends, neighbors, relatives and anyone you may meet on the street, aware of Joe Shumock, the author, and The Letter Series books. I am always giving out cards and I tell anyone who will listen that “I have literally sold my books everywhere, to include rest-stops on the Interstate highways to the Intimate Apparel department at J. C. Penney.” Don’t ask how that happened.
Now, this is where you come in.
I need to borrow $50,000. Kiddingg!!!
Seriously, for all of you who have read one or more of the novels, I need your reviews. If you would go to The Author’s Page at,, and/or any other place that sells or mentions my books and do reviews and recommendations on each book you’ve read, it would help. You can even mention how much you liked them on your Facebook page. That would be a way to tell some of your friends. It’s OK to come on Facebook Joe Shumock and Facebook Joseph E. Shumock and share the good news, too.
I love writing the stories; there is nothing better. For a relatively new writer like me (three books out and a fourth in the process), to take a story from an idea to the finished book in the reader’s hands is quite expensive.

With your help we need to contact new readers, lots of them, and convince them to consider these books. Good reviews and recommendations with lots of stars are extremely important in persuading readers to take a chance on a new writer.
With your help, I’ll work hard to keep new stories in your hands for many years to come. You want to read, I want to write! Sounds like a good working arrangement.

Now back to the fourth novel. I am about 30 to 35 percent into the story. I would still like to have it available for Christmas 2014. Timing will be close, but I think it’s possible.
I have some other news for you, too, and a question.
Over the years I have written several small pieces. They are of varying subjects and there’s at least one short story. The short story is based on an actual happening, and the story is my imagination gone wild after being a witness to the actual incident (theft). For your information, it’s a fun (funny) story called Cup of Coffee and A Shootout.
If there’s enough interest, I am considering making the writings available at very nominal prices. These would, in all likelihood, be obtainable from the Silver Sage Media website. I’m still working on this, but the material would probably come to you in printable form, or you could enjoy them directly from the website on your computer or mobile devise.
If you might want a copy of one or more of these writings, send an email to I will evaluate the responses and keep you informed about completing the project.