Landie had prepared food in advance for the weekend, so there would more time for her and Cary to talk. When Cary arrived, a pot of coffee was waiting, along with a small platter of Landie’s famous Lemon Bars. The stage was set for a conversation along whatever lines Cary might need for advice.

   She got right to the point, not surprising Landie on speed or subject.
“I think I’m in love with Mike Webster,” Cary said matter-of-factually.
“And what makes you think that?” Landie was smiling, Cary figured, because she probably already knew the answer.
“Because I’m miserable when he goes away,” she said, “. . . and I think he is, too.”
“That’s a start.” Soft words from her friend. “Have you given any thought to spending some uninterrupted time together? Do you think Mike would be open to that idea?”
Landie had a way of getting right to the heart of the matter, whatever it might be.
“From the phone conversations we’ve had,” Landie said, “I don’t think you’ve spent more than a very few hours together—really together, I mean.”
She gave it a few moments, and then asked, “Am I right?”
Cary had to agree that her elderly friend was indeed right.
“Maybe the two of you could get away for a few days—maybe even a week. No phones, no assignments, nothing to concentrate on but each other.”
The thought of having some time really alone sounded dreamy to Cary. But how? She wasn’t even sure she could reach Webster, and to entice him into some days away from everything and everyone?
“I don’t know if it’s possible,” she told Landie. “I don’t know how to reach Mike directly. I would have to make some calls and someone would have to have him call me.”
“So it’s too much trouble to even try,” Landie said with a smile. “I guess I misunderstood how important this is to you.”
Cary smiled too. “You’re right, of course. Mike and I should spend some time alone.” She thought about it, Landie sitting quietly—allowing her to work it out for herself.
“I’m going to do it,” she said to Landie. “Maybe his boss will get a message to Mike. I have Jack Robbins cell number and he seems to like me—and he certainly likes Mike,” Cary said as an afterthought.
Emphasizing the point in her own way and to her satisfaction, Cary reached for one of Landie’s Lemon Bars, dropped it on a saucer and licked the powdered sugar from her fingers, saying, “There!”

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