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Every artist dreams of an engaged audience. Likewise, every true aficionado of the arts seeks a deeper understanding of the artist and the creative process... We want to provide a forum for discussion, interaction, criticism ( the posititve kind ) and camaraderie. To this end we started Joe Shumock's Fan Club. Become an integral part of the discovery process... help other readers everywhere recognize Joe's work. Imagine your sense of pride in being a part of this process.

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Here's Joe's take on the subject:


"We started a fan club to have some fun with this writing thing. There will be contests and other interesting events (like Rage Doyle sightings), book club meetings with readings, book signings, and some special discounts for club members. We are working on some fun possibilities, but it’s my guess that many of you will have great ideas, too. Let us know what they are and help us put it all together."


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             Lost Letter

Though unconscious and critically injured, Mike Webster is alive—but he is being hunted. His enemies have reason to believe he survived a gunshot in New Orleans and they are taking great risks to find him.








KINDLE - eBook               $6.00

HARDBACK                     $20.00

PAPERBACK                    $16.00 COLLECTOR'S EDITION     $125.00

The Lost Letter is available in

 these versions:

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    Letter From the Dark

A young woman is missing. The Hunter has claimed another guest, this one is number eight.Serving a purpose only he understands, the victim is tested to her limits, both physically snd emotionally...











KINDLE - eBook               $6.00

HARDBACK                     $20.00

PAPERBACK                    $16.00

The Letter From the Dark is available in these versions:

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What’s in a name? … Silver Sage Media ... Does this name have significance? We think so … Over the years we watched many deserving artists struggle to create, promote and market highly accomplished works.

Many artists didn’t have the necessary skill sets to bring their art to a wider commercial audience. Furthermore, many of these formerly young artists had a deep aversion to self-promotion and the business world in general.


But as Joe Shumock matured and approached his "Silver" years, he became a bit more "Sagacious" and began to consider promoting and marketing his life's work to a larger audience ... and leaving a legacy.

Joe now understands the Silver and the Sage in this new reality of artist promotion and marketing in the digital world. Silver Sage Media emerged.

As in the Beatles song … “All together now!”



Shumock weaves the plot with insight and skill. The story captivates the reader from the first paragraph and makes you wonder if mankind faces this scenario in the future…or is it with us now?


Linda Charest, Reader

Diane French

A mastery of details with a historical backdrop of a Central European country and its people, complete with every twist and turn imaginable, intertwining medicine and romance . . . Joe Shumock’s best

Benjamin S. Citrin, M.D., F.A.C.C., F.A.C.P.


Enjoyed this fast-paced thriller. A great read!!!

R & S  Lapierre     Fan Club Members


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Kirkus Reviews -


In Shumock’s thriller, a former CIA operative investigates a series of strange deaths that may be linked to a secretive medical facility in Prague . . .

“Thrives on suspense, with a capable protagonist who’s more spy than detective.”